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Ultraback Lumbar Support

The Ultimate Back Pain Reliever

Ultraback Lumbar Support is the only product of its kind that can provide solid support on almost every chairs, including on the spine killer, couches.

Made of our exclusive NylonFlex®, Ultraback Lumbar Support can keep your spine at its natural curve under all kinds of weird postures. It helps you ease back pain and re-aligns your body. Most importantly, it is beautifully designed.


Who said healthy can't be stylish?

Ultraback Wrist Support

Support Your Everyday Work

Wrist pain has always been the obstacles to our outstanding performance. Yet it's no longer an issue with Ultraback Wrist Support.

Specifically designed to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Ultraback Wrist Support rids you of wrist pain by leaving enough space below your wrist and eliminate unnecessary pressure.

Also made of NylonFlex®, Ultraback Wrist Support keeps your arm straight all the time without your notice. The everlasting support helps you remain a correct angle between your palm and arm and prevent any kinds of fatigue or pressure on your wrist.

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