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Lumbar Support

  • Helps you effortlessly maintain a correct posture whenever, wherever, however you sit.

  • Helps you keep the spine in a natural curve.

  • Everlasting support, always back you up.

  • Flexible enough to fit every kinds of body shapes.

  • Never heat up, stay cool all the time.

  • Just simply beautiful.

USD $105

Shipping Fee Included

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With or Without Ultraback ?

Only Your Back can Tell ...


It's Just...Simply Beautiful


Strap and Cushion®

Use our extra strap and cushion to easily fasten Ultraback to every chair. If you happened to have a chair without full back coverage, using the strap can prevent Ultraback from slipping out.


Supposed you solve the gap problem using our included strap. Adding a cushion expand the angle with which you can use your Ultraback on the chair. 

Together with these two extremely handy accessories, Ultraback can fulfill all of your needs. Note that strap and cushion are all included in your Ultraback, no further purchase needed.

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