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For the past 20 years we have achieved great success in designing ergonomic chairs, but we want to do more. People are sitting longer now than ever before. The question we constantly get is: "When are you going to make ergonomic dining chairs? Or even ergonomic couches?" It is no news that sitting is the new smoking. How do we solve this?  Simple, we make every chair ergonomic.

To make it even better, we make every posture correct. 

We tested different lumbar support on the market, and the most commonly seen are those made of foam and mesh. While some foam support does provide support to our lower back, the others are either too soft or not in the right angle. What's worse, during summer time it gets way too hot and uncomfortable. The mesh one works great, but it looses its support overtime and cannot be used on my dining chair and couch, which are pretty much where we sit at home. 

We gathered the top designers who believe in putting an end to poor postures to help bringing this product alive. To come up with the most effective design, we also work alongside people suffering from chronic back pain. We are so grateful for the people sharing their stories and feedback on Ultraback to life. Almost a year later, we have the final prototype ready for manufacturing. We also proved our ability to manufacture refined Ultraback by successfully launching a Kickstarter campaign and delivering Ultraback to backers around the world.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, we've also received several positive feedbacks from the end users and that gives us more confidence to dream bigger, bringing Ultraback to more and more people in the rest of the world. Therefore, we're now dedicating ourselves to cooperating with distributors in several countries. Soon you'll be able to get your own Ultraback by just a simple click or a few steps away!

Bringing healthy lifestyle to the world is always our everlasting purpose.

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