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The Ultimate Support

Ultraback Lumbar Support is the only product of its kind that can provide solid support on almost every chairs, including on the spine killer, couches.

Made of our exclusive NylonFlex®, Ultraback Lumbar Support can keep your spine at its natural curve under all kinds of weird postures. It helps you ease back pain and re-aligns your body. Most importantly, it is beautifully designed.


Who said healthy can't be stylish?

Ultraback Lumbar Support

Ultraback Wrist Support

(Coming Soon)

Research have found that after using computer for six hours, our wrists suffer the pressure equivalent to legs do after 20 miles walking. Carpal tunnel syndrome, in particular, is just as common as chronic back pain. 

Ultraback Wrist Support is an innovative wrist support. Like our lumbar support, Ultraback Wrist Support is also made of NylonFlex®. Therefore, advantages such as everlasting support and easy to clean all apply to our wrist support. 

We cannot choose how long we work, but we can choose how we work.

Say goodbye to numb, painful wrists and all potential threats, you deserve better.


Ultraback Wrist Support, for all dedicated adventurer.

Ultraback Neck Support

(Coming Soon)

We are at the era where auto piloting is not that far away. Automobile companies have invented all kinds of technologies beyond our imagination.


Yet, we are still getting that backward driver seat.

Cough*, here we go. 


Ultraback Neck Support is designed specifically for vehicle seats. Whether on airplane, train, automobile, or bus,  Ultraback Neck Support provides you with the proper support to avoid fatiguing muscles around your neck. 

Aside from all the benefits you already learn about NylonFlex®, it can also survive the extreme in-car temperature. NylonFlex® will not heat up or freeze to hurt your neck during winter and summer.


Enjoy your ride, travel without burden.

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